Vast Infraestrutura and Wilson Sons inaugurate new tugboat berth at Porto do Açu

Structure allows simultaneous berthing of up to four tugboats and will have electrical power supply points for the vessels

Vast Infraestrutura and Wilson Sons inaugurated last Friday, May 3, an electrified berth at the Vast Terminal (T-Oil), at Porto do Açu, in Rio de Janeiro. The structure allows the simultaneous berthing of up to four tugboats, with onshore power supply.

With the installation of the new berth, the tugboats will consume less fuel when on stand-by, as they will be connected to the energy supply source. With the measure, Vast estimates reducing around 7.6% of its scope 3 carbon emissions.

Furthermore, it will be possible to carry out crew changes at the berth, which is located in a fully sheltered area, increasing the safety of the operation. The initiative is part of one of Vast’s decarbonization trails, as the company designed a long-term roadmap for the supply of shore energy at the Terminal, with plans to carry out studies for the future extension of supply to the auxiliary systems of larger vessels, such as support boats and oil tankers.

“The project is part of our journey to consolidate T-Oil as a terminal with lower carbon emissions intensity. The fact that we carry out this project in partnership with Wilson Sons demonstrates our commitment to being strategic partners for the decarbonization of the logistics chain of our customers and suppliers”, says Victor Snabaitis Bomfim, CEO of Vast.

The structure will also increase the availability of tugs and operational efficiency by allowing the vessels to remain in Terminal 1 (T1) of Porto do Açu, where T-Oil is located.

“The use of shore energy by our tugboats, during the periods when we wait for the next maneuver to be carried out, guarantees, on average, a 20% reduction in total scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions from our operations, reaching up to 60% in some locations with lower operational volume. This is the main efficiency measure of our decarbonization agenda, in 2024, which we were able to promote with a simple installation of infrastructure to supply electricity at berthing points in the places where we operate. The partnership with Vast reinforces our strategic commitment to sustainability”, highlights Márcio Castro, executive director of the Tugboats division at Wilson Sons.

In addition to the infrastructure for electricity supply, the berth at Porto do Açu has four bollards (25T SWL – Safe Working Load or Maximum Working Load) with structural reinforcement in the caissons, pneumatic fenders (Yokohama type; Ø2.5m) and a ladder access to the pier with adequate infrastructure to comply with ISPS CODE (International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities) and RFB (Federal Revenue of Brazil).


A leading company in the transshipment market for oil exports in Brazil, Vast carries out several initiatives at its terminal that aim to contribute to the decarbonization of the maritime sector. Since the beginning of its operations, the company has carried out vapor balance between vessels in all oil transshipment operations, preventing the release of around 90% of gases into the atmosphere.

Still in this sense, the company is moving forward with the implementation of the Açu Liquids Terminal (TLA), which can be used by business partners to develop opportunities related to the addition of biocomponents to fossil fuels used in maritime transport. The objective is to consolidate TLA as a supply hub for low-carbon liquid fuels.

In recognition of its measures aimed at decarbonization, Vast won, for the second consecutive year, the GHG Protocol Gold Seal for verifying its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventory, which also includes scope 3 emissions.

Vast Infraestrutura completes 800 operations

Last Sunday, March 31st, Vast Infraestrutura completed 800 oil transshipment operations at its terminal, T-Oil, in the Porto do Açu.

The operation that marked this milestone involved a Suezmax and a VLCC vessel, handling approximately 1 million barrels of oil.

Achieving this milestone just 5 months after reaching 700 operations in October 2023 showcases the company’s continuous growth, strength, and operational excellence, as well as the market’s trust in its high-quality, safe, and reliable service.


Vast Infraestrutura in the “Summer Without Accidents” campaign

For the fifth consecutive year, Vast Infraestrutura has been one of the partners in the “Summer Without Accidents” campaign, carried out by Porto do Açu. Eight other companies from the port complex are also partners: GNA – Gás Natural Açu, Ferroport, DOME Serviços Integrados, TechnipFMC, Anglo American, OceanPact Serviços Marítimos, Brasil Port Logística Offshore e Estaleiro Naval LTDA. and Sunset.

The campaign involved several employees from these companies on the roads of Porto do Açu and its access routes, raising awareness about the need for more responsible behavior in traffic, both in daily commutes and during vacations.

In total, about 4,000 drivers were approached during the blitz actions in December, January, and February.

Vast Infraestrutura helds its Contractor’s Best OSH Performances Awards

In March, Vast Infraestrutura held its annual Contractors’ Best OSH Performance Awards ceremony, an event aimed at engaging people in the continuous improvement of safety culture and recognizing its 3 partner companies that have demonstrated the best performance in occupational safety and health in their operations at the company’s terminal.

This year, the awarded companies were Grupo Brasanitas, OceanPact Serviços Marítimos, and Digital Tecnologia e Segurança. The event took place at the Açu Hotel, in Porto do Açu, São João da Barra, and was broadcasted to employees, partners, and clients.

Check out the final rankings:
1st place: Grupo Brasanitas, with the highest score of 100 points
2nd place: OceanPact Serviços Marítimos, with 99 points
3rd place: Digital Tecnologia e Segurança, with 94 points

Vast Infraestrutura stands out in the 2023 Maritime Performance

Vast Infraestrutura was one of the highlights of the 2023 Maritime Performance, released this month by ANTAQ (the Brazilian National Agency for Waterway Transportation).

According to the data, the company ranked 1st in the crude oil export market, handling 28.89 million tons. Additionally, Vast was responsible for 51% of the movement in terminals exporting oil in Brazil. Compared to 2022, this represents a growth of 34.5%, the highest in the category.

In the overall crude oil movement, Vast secured 2nd place, with a volume of 57.6 million tons and a growth of 32.9% compared to 2022. The numbers also reveal that the company’s oil terminal, T-Oil, accounts for 69% of all cargo movement at Porto do Açu, the country’s 2nd largest port!

The data demonstrates the growth and strength that Vast has been achieving in the market, as well as the trust its partners place in the company.

Vast Infraestrutura promotes its 2024 Sea Turtle Hatchling Walk

On January 24th, Vast Infraestrutura promoted the 2024 Sea Turtle Hatchling Walk, an initiative that is part of the Marine Turtle Monitoring Program, developed by Vast and other companies present at Porto do Açu.

The event brought together approximately 65 people, including Vast employees and partners, at Reserva Caruara, with a program that included, in addition to the walk, a visit to the program’s base, where the main information about loggerhead turtles (caretta-caretta), their reproductive cycle, and the monitoring and conservation actions for these animals were presented.

Since 2008, the program has been operating in the region with the aim of aligning the development of the Açu Complex with biodiversity conservation, monitoring 62km of beach from Pontal de Atafona in São João da Barra to Barra do Furado in Campos dos Goytacazes. Altogether, the program has already released over 1 million hatchlings into the sea.

Vast Infraestrutura completes 1,500 days of safe work

On January 29th, Vast Infraestrutura completed 1,500 days of safe work, which represents over 4 years of efficient and responsible operations, with a focus on safe practices and a commitment to caring for people and the environment.

This achievement is a reflection of Vast’s values and daily practices, where safety is non-negotiable, and a culture of accident prevention is a reality.

Check below some of the key safety measures adopted by Vast:

Vast Infraestrutura receives DP NS Pioneer for its 1st transshipment operation

Last December, Vast Infraestrutura received at its terminal (T-Oil), in Porto do Açu, the DP NS Pioneer from CNOOC International, for its 1st oil transshipment operation.

The service, successfully and safely completed by the teams operating at T-Oil, handled approximately 1 million barrels of oil and represented a significant milestone for the chinese O&G company, which had representatives visiting Vast’s terminal and could witness the operation.

Vast is honored to be part of this meaningful moment for its partners.

Watch the operation’s video below.

Aves do Açu project helds educational activities in São João da Barra

At the end of its 2023 season, the Aves do Açu project, Vast Infraestrutura’s 100% voluntary initiative, took significant steps in its work. The project, which aims at monitoring and preserving the trinta-réis bird species that frequent the company’s oil terminal at the Porto do Açu, organized two awareness-raising actions at Reserva Caruara: the workshop “Challenges in Combating Avian Influenza (H5N1) in 2023 from Different Perspectives” and the itinerant exhibition of Aves do Açu.

The workshop brought together representatives from all three levels of government, managers of Conservation Units, experts in wild birds, and leaders from the local community of São João da Barra for a discussion on the impact of avian influenza in Brazil, particularly in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro. This fostered an important exchange of knowledge and contributed to addressing the zoosanitary emergency.

As for the Aves do Açu exhibition, it aimed to educate visitors about the habits, behavior and reproductive cycle of the trinta-réis birds, as well as presenting the project and its important results.

These actions mirror the guidelines of our Sustainability Policy, affirming Vast’s commitment to the region where it operates.

Vast Infraestrutura receives New Aden vessel at T-Oil

In December 2023, Vast Infraestrutura received at its oil terminal (T-Oil), in Porto do Açu, the New Aden vessel at T-Oil, a VLCC equipped with an additional propulsion system.

Chartered by CNOOC, the chinese O&G company and Vast’s client, to carry out its oil transshipment operation at T-Oil, the vessel has engines powered by Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) and movable, retractable metallic sails that assist the ship in navigating more efficiently and with lower emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. According to the VLCC’s owner company, the use of retractable sails can result in a fuel savings of up to 10%.

The operation with the New Aden at T-Oil handled approximately 2 million barrels of oil and it is aligned with Vast’s values and concern for environmental care, principles which the company seeks in its partners as well.