Vast partners with Shell and Equinor in the Mar Atento project

Vast is pleased to announce its partnership with Shell and Equinor in the Mar Atento project! The initiative by these two O&G giants aims to empower fishing communities in responding to oil spills at sea, contributing to the preservation of marine and coastal environments.

The action was divided into two workshops, which trained a total of 120 individuals in São João da Barra (RJ) and São Francisco de Itabapoana (RJ). The “Coastal Protection” and “Beach Cleanup” courses provided guidance on equipment and emergency methods used by specialized companies in such situations, along with a unique module featuring maps of local fauna vulnerability and how to act in sighting cases.

Vast closely monitored the work developed and contributed by sharing knowledge and experience in safety measures and environmental protection.

For us, partnering with two of our largest clients in an important project for the local community and the environment is a great achievement! Thank you, Shell and Equinor, for the opportunity and trust.

We continue to open increasingly sustainable horizons for energy!