Vast is highlight in article by Brasil Energia

Vast’s performance was highlighted in an article by Brasil Energia. The publication recognizes our investment of BRL 2 billion in a new infrastructure project at the Açu Port, the SPOT project, which will connect oil lightering vessels to storage tanks and pipelines, opening up new delivery routes to refineries.

The project envisions the construction of a storage capacity of 5 million barrels and two pipelines, 50 km and 100 km in length, connecting the Açu district (RJ) to the Cabiúnas Terminal in Macaé (RJ), from where the oil will be distributed throughout the Southeast region of the country.

“The project is not just about storage tanks, but also about logistical connections that provide greater flexibility in the movement of crude oil in Brazil. The terminal can also serve as a feed for the Regap and Reduc refineries (owned by Petrobras), increasing oil transportation flexibility,” emphasized our CEO, Victor Snabaitis Bomfim.

We are also working on the Açu Liquid Terminal (TLA) project, which involves products focused on energy transition, with an investment of approximately BRL 300 million.

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