Vast Infraestrutura stands out in the 2023 Maritime Performance

Vast Infraestrutura was one of the highlights of the 2023 Maritime Performance, released this month by ANTAQ (the Brazilian National Agency for Waterway Transportation).

According to the data, the company ranked 1st in the crude oil export market, handling 28.89 million tons. Additionally, Vast was responsible for 51% of the movement in terminals exporting oil in Brazil. Compared to 2022, this represents a growth of 34.5%, the highest in the category.

In the overall crude oil movement, Vast secured 2nd place, with a volume of 57.6 million tons and a growth of 32.9% compared to 2022. The numbers also reveal that the company’s oil terminal, T-Oil, accounts for 69% of all cargo movement at Porto do Açu, the country’s 2nd largest port!

The data demonstrates the growth and strength that Vast has been achieving in the market, as well as the trust its partners place in the company.