Vast Infraestrutura receives New Aden vessel at T-Oil

In December 2023, Vast Infraestrutura received at its oil terminal (T-Oil), in Porto do Açu, the New Aden vessel at T-Oil, a VLCC equipped with an additional propulsion system.

Chartered by CNOOC, the chinese O&G company and Vast’s client, to carry out its oil transshipment operation at T-Oil, the vessel has engines powered by Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) and movable, retractable metallic sails that assist the ship in navigating more efficiently and with lower emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. According to the VLCC’s owner company, the use of retractable sails can result in a fuel savings of up to 10%.

The operation with the New Aden at T-Oil handled approximately 2 million barrels of oil and it is aligned with Vast’s values and concern for environmental care, principles which the company seeks in its partners as well.