Vast Infraestrutura receives GHG Protocol Gold Seal for the second consecutive year

In October 2023, Vast Infraestrutura received, for the second consecutive year, the GHG Protocol Gold Seal for the verification of its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory. This achievement reflects the company’s growth in this area and its commitment to reducing emissions.

Having started the monitoring of GHG emissions in its operations in 2019, since 2022, when the company received the Gold Seal for the first time, Vast also submits it to the GHG Protocol system. In 2023, however, the accomplishment was even more significant, since, unlike the previous year, all three scopes established by the system were encompassed.

Although it has always monitored the Scope 3, which refers to the indirect emissions from its operations, Vast did not audited and validated it, since it refers to emissions not directly emitted by the company, but by its suppliers.

Nevertheless, the growth and maturity of the company have enabled it to achieve this milestone, and now Vast also reports emissions from the third scope, which currently accounts for 99% of its inventory.