Vast Infraestrutura performs the Annual Drill of the Individual Emergency Plan

On the 17th of November, we carried out the Annual Drill of the Individual Emergency Plan. The exercise had the participation of customers, partners, the local community and also authorities such as the Fire Department, INEA, the Brazilian Navy and the Environment Department of São João da Barra.

Vast uses the Incident Command System as an emergency and crisis management methodology. And this was an excellent opportunity to mobilize our Response Organizational Structure (EOR) in Command Posts integrated between terminal and headquarters.

In addition, at this event we mobilized all the resources we had, such as people, equipment and vessels to contain and collect oil from our Emergency Response Base – BPAE, monitoring of fugitive spots with drone, beach monitoring/cleaning, rescue and treatment of oiled fauna, calling a doctor/nurse/rescuers to care for an injured employee, in addition to mobilizing the readiness of our Mutual Assistance Plan and Area Plan.

Safe operations for our employees, for the surrounding community and also for the environment is what we know how to do. Thus, we continue opening horizons for energy.