Vast Infraestrutura installs 44 photovoltaic panels in its terminal

Vast Infraestrutura took another important step in its Decarbonization Journey and installed 44 photovoltaic panels in the administrative building of its oil terminal, the T-Oil.

The project, which originated from the company’s Sustainability Policy and Decarbonization Strategy, was conducted by the Sustainability and Engineering teams and has the objective of reducing the consume of electric power at T-Oil by generating around 3.036 kWh per month.

The 44-plate pack has 24,2kWp of power and works by transforming solar radiation into electric power using the photovoltaic cells exposed to the sunlight. The estimative is that the system also reduces the monthly CO2 emissions in 1.619 Kg.

The system is connected to Vast’s power substation, allowing the direct consumption of all the energy generated, and it is monitored by an app from which it is possible to extract KPIs and accompany the performance os the panels.

The forecast is to expand the project by the end of the year, with the installation of another 54 solar plates in the terminal.