Vast helds its 3rd ConversAções meeting

In April, Vast held the 3rd ConversAções meeting in São João da Barra. The event, which aims to promote dialogue and active listening in our area of operation, brought together the main leaders of the local community, employees of our company and experts from Braço Social consulting firm, our partners in the Aves do Açu Project.

Besides presenting a retrospective of the 2022 editions, important highlights of the company, the objectives of the meetings that will be held in 2023, Vast’s transparency channels and the actions of the Aves do Açu Project planned for this season, the event also held the “web of involvement”.

The activity aimed to integrate and engage the participants, as well as present the relationship of each one with the region of São João da Barra. The action consisted in organizing those present in a circle, in which each one told a little about themselves and, using a roll of yarn, passed the word to another, demonstrating how we are interconnected and that, together, we can contribute to our common environment.

Vast thanks everyone for their presence and partnership!