Official Communication COVID-19

Committed to the safety and well-being of all, Açu Petróleo, since the first cases of COVID-19, has been taking preventive measures in line with the recommendations of health agencies, aiming at the safety of our employees, suppliers, partners, clients and local community. The following measures were implemented:

Formation of a Risk Committee composed of the senior management of Açu Petróleo. With daily meetings, the Committee monitors the latest events about the coronavirus and institutes new preventive measures, when necessary;

– Formation of an Operational Committee, focusing on port routines, with daily meetings and updates;

– Daily sending of safety and personal hygiene guidelines to all employees of the company;

– Home office for employees who develop activities that can be carried out remotely, in addition to face-to-face alternation for those who work in essential activities for the continuity of operations;

– Priority for virtual or telephone meetings;

– Availability of alcohol gel in areas of common use;

– Preventive isolation of employees who have returned from international travel, have any flu symptoms and / or have had contact with people who have returned from a country at risk;

– Suspension of institutional visits to the Terminal and national and international travel for employees;

– Suspension of events that we would hold or participate in;

– At the Terminal, no ship is authorized by the regulatory agency of the Ministry of Health to berth until the master reports about the vessel and crew’s sanitary conditions is approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa).

This is a new scenario for all of us, which requires a lot of attention and care. Therefore, we reinforce our commitment to prevent the spread of the virus. We count on your understanding and are available to answer any questions.

Do your part! Follow the medical recommendations and hygiene care of health agencies!