Forest Protection Day

Today, on July 17th, we celebrate Forests Protection Day, a date that aims to raise awareness about the preservation of this vital ecosystem for the planet and the quality of life of human beings.

And at Vast, as part of our commitment to Biodiversity established in our sustainability policy, this is always a topic on our minds! An example of this is the reforestation of 439 hectares that we completed in 2021 in the Caruara Reserve, a location that plays an important role in preserving the biodiversity of the region where we operate.

The work and dedication invested in this action even earned Vast the issuance of the Partial Clearance Certificate by the State Institute of Environment of Rio de Janeiro (INEA), referring to 116.56 hectares of the 439 restored by the company.

We remain committed to maintaining and subsequently clearing the remaining planted areas, reinforcing our commitment to an increasingly harmonious relationship with the environment.