Development of environmental and social awareness initiatives in the local community

Açu Petróleo has been developing actions with the local Açu community to promote environmental and social awareness trough the workshop held in late September on the conservation of small cetaceans, such as dolphins, which the company promoted with students from schools in the Atafona region. In order to introduce cetacean and other fauna species which belongs to the region and their interaction with human activities, Açu Petróleo brought an activity that promoted, in a playful way, the construction of a large collaborative map. In addition to the map, the students also held a collaborative drawing workshop in order to fix the learned content and bring their perspective about the theme. 74 students attented to this event, 29 from E.M Dionélia Gonçalves dos Santos and 45 from E.M Amália Soares de Almeida, both located in Atafona.