Aves do Açu project helds educational activities in São João da Barra

At the end of its 2023 season, the Aves do Açu project, Vast Infraestrutura’s 100% voluntary initiative, took significant steps in its work. The project, which aims at monitoring and preserving the trinta-réis bird species that frequent the company’s oil terminal at the Porto do Açu, organized two awareness-raising actions at Reserva Caruara: the workshop “Challenges in Combating Avian Influenza (H5N1) in 2023 from Different Perspectives” and the itinerant exhibition of Aves do Açu.

The workshop brought together representatives from all three levels of government, managers of Conservation Units, experts in wild birds, and leaders from the local community of São João da Barra for a discussion on the impact of avian influenza in Brazil, particularly in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro. This fostered an important exchange of knowledge and contributed to addressing the zoosanitary emergency.

As for the Aves do Açu exhibition, it aimed to educate visitors about the habits, behavior and reproductive cycle of the trinta-réis birds, as well as presenting the project and its important results.

These actions mirror the guidelines of our Sustainability Policy, affirming Vast’s commitment to the region where it operates.