Açu Petróleo signs contract with Petrobras to more than double the volume of oil exported by the company from the Terminal

Addendum to the actual contract with Açu Petróleo at Porto do Açu Terminal provides transshipment up to 240 million barrels in up to two years, an increase of 140% compared to the current agreement.

Açu Petróleo signed a contract with Petrobras that will make it possible to more than double the volume of oil exported by the oil company at the private terminal. Signed in April, the amendment will allow the company to movement up to 240 million barrels of oil – approximately 300 thousand bpd (barrels per day) – through Porto do Açu in up to two years.

Since 2019, when Petrobras started operations at the terminal, the Brazilian oil company has already requested an increase in the volume of operations twice, motivated by the growing oil production and export demand. The current contract with Açu Petróleo includes the export of up to 100 million barrels. This increase represents a 140% increase in the old volume for the new agreement that is being signed. In April / 2020, during the pandemic, Petrobras reached the movement record and Açu Petróleo was responsible for approximately 19% of the company’s export operation.

“With this new contract, Açu Petróleo allows Petrobras to secure its demand for oil exports. We are the main structured solution for oil movement in the country, with a private terminal and the differential of sheltered transshipment (Double banking). This contract renewal demonstrates market confidence in our operations, with an emphasis on safety, operational excellence and logistical efficiency. The market’s confidence can be verified through the numbers of Açu Petróleo, where we had a 50% growth in volumes in the first quarter of 2021, compared to the same period in 2020 ”, emphasizes Victor Snabaitis Bomfim, CEO of Açu Petróleo.

Recently the company was recognized by the National Waterway Transport Agency – Antaq, through the Statistical Yearbook of 2020, as the Terminal for liquid bulk that grew the most in handling. In 2020, 29.6 million tons were handled, representing a growth of 53.2% compared to 2019.

Responsible for 25% of national oil exports, Açu Petróleo already serves all operators operating in Brazil and has shown continuous and stable growth in its business. Since 2016, the company has carried out more than 270 oil transshipment operations, which represents around 260 million barrels.

The company is working on expanding the Terminal. The investment plans include the expansion project with the construction of the Tank Farm and pipeline connection to the existing network. This expansion is highly strategic and aims to meet the growing demands of the export market and the new scenario with the transformation of the refining market in Brazil.

About Açu Petróleo

A partnership between Prumo Logística and Oiltanking, the Açu Petróleo terminal is located in Porto do Açu, in São João da Barra (Rio de Janeiro state), where oil transshipment operations are executed in a sheltered area. It is the only private terminal in Brazil that is capable of receiving Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) with a cargo capacity of up to 2 million barrels. Our license allows the movement of 1.2 million barrels per day and the depth of the terminal is 25 meters.