Açu Petróleo signs an agreement with Petrobras and Transpetro

Açu Petróleo signed a Prior Agreement with Petrobras and Transpetro for the interconnection of its Oil Terminal, located in Porto do Açu, to Petrobras’ Cabiúnas Terminal, in Macaé-RJ. The agreement consists of detailing the basic requirements and technical engineering studies for the future interconnection between the Terminals. The interconnection between the terminals is part of the Spot Project and is foreseen in the company’s business expansion plan, which will allow the use of the Açu Petróleo Terminal to supply the Reduc and Regap refineries. The Spot Project is at an advanced stage of development and licensing and provides for the construction of 12 oil tanks, with a total capacity of 5.7M bbl and two pipelines. In addition to being strategic for supplying refineries, it will provide greater operational flexibility and efficiency for oil imports and exports. This milestone reinforces Açu Petróleo’s position in providing infrastructure and logistics solutions for the movement of liquids in Brazil.