Açu Petróleo releases turtles

Porto do Açu region is a priority spawning area for the endangered species of sea turtle Caretta caretta. For this reason, Porto do Açu Operações, Açu Petróleo, Ferroport and GNA jointly develop the Sea Turtle Monitoring Program of the Port of Açu (PMTM).

The program is currently run in partnership with the Pro-Tamar Foundation and its main objective is the conservation of sea turtles. Among the activities are year-round awareness in the region, daily monitoring of the 62 km of the North Fluminense coast, protection of nests, care and treatment of weakened sea turtles and reintroduction of these animals to the natural environment.

On January 28th, we released more puppies, which we are very proud of! Over these years, there have been more than 100 release actions open to the public.

Thanks to the partnership with the community and a huge task force, we have already reached more than 14 thousand registered nests, and more than 1 million baby turtles protected and released to the sea. Together, we will continue in the great mission of preserving the region’s biodiversity!