Açu Petróleo is now Vast Infraestrutura

Açu Petróleo started in 2015 as a company dedicated to offering transshipment services to the oil export market. The world’s growing demand for alternative energy sources and the evolution of debates regarding low carbon scenarios has led us to believe it is necessary to go beyond. Beyond petroleum and beyond Açu.

That’s why, from now on Açu Petróleo is Vast Infraestrutura.

The name Vast was inspired by those who see new ways, new horizons. It represents the expansion of our business and unveils a new positioning in the energy market. It’s a forward-looking vision, focused on the future of energy.

We are a company dedicated to offering infrastructure and logistics solutions to handle liquids safely, efficiently, cleanly and sustainably to the energy market.

We remain with the same essence and values. The transformation is with a broader view and our commitment is to open new and more sustainable ways of handling liquids in the present and the future.

VAST – Opening horizons for energy.