Açu Petróleo employees and partners participate in the release of turtles in Açu

Sustainability is one of the values that guides the Port of Açu Complex. Our actions are designed and unfolded in order to preserve the fauna and flora surrounding the project. Proof of this is our turtle monitoring program.

Last week, employees of Açu Petróleo, a subsidiary of Grupo Prumo, participated for the first time in the release of baby sea turtles. Approximately 40 employees, including the CEO of Açu Petróleo, Victor Bomfim, the Commercial Director, Eduardo Goulart and the Financial Director, Nicholas Burridge, went to Praia da Concha to accompany more than 20 puppies on their way to the sea. Enchanted by the activity, Marcia Macedo, Treasury Assistant at Açu Petróleo, points out how it was to participate in the initiative: “It was a unique experience to be able to get to know this project up close, which adds value to the conservation of the sea turtle species that exist around our terminal ”.

With the objective of making employees aware of socio-environmental issues, the turtle monitoring program has already carried out more than 822 thousand hatchlings release since the beginning of activities in 2008. For Açu Petróleo CEO, Victor Bonfim, the program represents the Açu’s commitment to the environment: “Having the privilege of participating, together with the Açu Petróleo team in the turtle hatchling release campaign, was a unique experience that I will remember. These are moments like this that underscore the responsibility we all have for the preservation of life and the environment”.