We understand the global relevance of climate change and seek to be a reference in sustainability and best practices by adopting and developing measures and solutions to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations, consolidating Açu as the port of the energy transition and a reference hub for sustainable development. Since 2018, we have had GHG emissions inventories and, in 2022, we achieved the Gold Seal of the GHG Protocol and inventory verification in ISO 14.064.

Services that are less

In the fight against climate change, we aim to stand out by providing services with a low carbon emission profile. The commitment includes measuring and reporting our emissions through inventory and striving to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations. Clients and contractors contribute to the development of our own or integrated initiatives. A milestone was achieved in 2022 with our Decarbonization Strategy, which expressed our commitment to progressively reducing the equivalent carbon emission intensity in our operations, following the guidelines of our Sustainability Policy.