At Vast, our values are not only written on paper but put into practice, actively guiding our daily work. We believe in the strength of engaged people and in the difference that they make in our quest to make things happen, helping us achieve our goals with excellence, integrity, safety, and sustainability. Creating new horizons for energy is quite a task!


In this endeavor, we rely on a committed team that shares our values. Together, we foster every day a safe, ethical, welcoming work environment that encourages innovation and the development of ideas and people. And we do this with a common goal: to create increasingly sustainable paths for handling liquids of the present and of the future.

Here at Vast, we are encouraged daily to seek innovative solutions and work together to reach new levels of performance. Engagement and collaboration between teams create a stimulating environment of mutual support where everyone shares a commitment to collective success.
Bianca Duarte

Being part of a company that drives the infrastructure of the Brazilian energy market while truly caring about safety, sustainability, and the environmental brings a very strong sense of purpose.
Carlos Vinicius Rosa
Project Engineer

Our culture appreciates innovation, promotes teamwork, offers real opportunities for professional growth and the experience of participating in the construction of large projects which will be relevant to the entire infrastructure of the energy market in Brazil. This involves ongoing learning and adaptation to changes.
Cleonice Jardim
Contract Administration Analyst

I have worked at Vast since 2018 and have seen the company grow in many ways — the maturity and capacity of our people, the quantity and quality of operations, improvements in the culture of safety, sustainability and governance. One major difference has been the opportunity to create our own culture and learn new things as the company grows. Even after a 25-year career, at Vast I continue to learn new things every day. Growing together with Vast has been an incredible experience.
Nicholas Burridge
Chief Financial Officer

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